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Firewall rules

If you encounter troubles in connecting the joinvideo rooms using the vidyo desktop client, you should check the following rules are enabled in your firewall:

TCP Port 80 HTTP: Outbound to Portal (jv1.joinconferencing.com IP: Client to Portal authentication and GUI

TCP Port 443 HTTPS: Outbound to Portal (optional) (jv1.joinconferencing.com IP: Optional for SSL connection to Portal

TCP Port 17992 EMCP: Outbound to Portal (jv1.joinconferencing.com IP: Client connection to VidyoManager

TCP Port 17990 SCIP: Outbound to Router (router1 IP router2 IP: router3 IP: Client connection to VidyoRouter

UDP Ports 50,000 – 65,535

RTP/sRTP/RTCP: Bi-Directional to/from VidyoRouter  (router1 IP router2 IP: router3 IP: Audio and Video Media from participants (6 ports per participant). RTP and RTCP pair for each audio, video, and data collaboration stream.

UDP Timeout General Comment Change from Default (0:02:00 – 2 minutes) to something larger (e.g., 3:00:00 – 3 hours) to avoid call timeouts

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