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Google Previews 3D Video Platform

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Glimpse given of Project Starline, May 20, 2021

Google has given a glimpse into a 3D video chat platform that it has been secretly working on for years.

Project Starline uses multiple cameras and sensors to build up an image of a participant from different perspectives and present them to another participant, via a high-quality display which Google refers to as “a sort of magic window”.

Google says that both participants get a 3D experience without the need for headsets.

Images released by Google show participants sitting in what most resembles an old-fashioned photobooth (the video below makes it easier to visualise).

Google VP Clay Bavor said in a blog post: “To make this experience possible, we are applying research in computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio and real-time compression.

“The effect is the feeling of a person sitting just across from you, like they are right there”

“Project Starline is currently available in just a few of our offices and it relies on custom-built hardware and highly specialised equipment.

“We believe this is where person-to-person communication technology can and should go, and in time, our goal is to make this technology more affordable and accessible, including bringing some of these technical advancements into our suite of communication products.”

Google is being careful not to reveal too much information about Project Starline. It has not made public exactly how it works, when, or if, it could see a general release and how much it might cost.

It has however given a reporter from Wired a chance to experience the technology first-hand. Google employees told her that data is transmitted over WebRTC, and the service would work over standard office WiFi connections.

She described the experience as creating “hyper-real representations” of participants, albeit with some teething issues expected for a project that is still being developed.

Image credit: Google

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